Experiencing Pain In These Areas? A Chiropractor May Be Able To Adjust Them

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If you're suffering from back or neck pain, the first call you make might be to your local chiropractic clinic. This health practitioner is commonly associated with successfully treating these ailments, but what you might not know is that you can visit a chiropractor for myriad of aches and pains in other parts of your body. If you're suffering from discomfort in a region that isn't related to your spine, you should still consider giving your chiropractor a call. He or she will let you know if chiropractic care can positively impact your pain, and then you can schedule an adjustment accordingly. Here are three areas that chiropractors can also treat.

Knee Pain

Knee pain is something that affects many people for a wide range of reasons. Although knee pain can be caused by temporary issues such as bruising after a fall, you might also suffer from prolonged knee pain that hurts whether you're standing, walking, or even sitting. This problem is worth bringing to the attention of your local chiropractor. In many cases, knee pain is the result of your knee joint being out of alignment, and a series of fine adjustments at the hands of your chiropractor can eliminate the discomfort that you've been living with.

Hip Pain

Pain in either hip can make it difficult to walk with comfort, and you might also find that you struggle to fall asleep or sleep soundly because of this pain. Hip misalignment can result from many causes, but this problem may be prevalent if you've been in a motor vehicle accident, for example. Upon being hit from one side, your body can get jostled and knock either hip out of alignment. Many chiropractors can successfully treat this problem by adjusting your hips to create relief. This adjustment may also relieve any pain you have in your lower back.

Wrist Pain

You can develop wrist pain as a result of working at the computer over time, and you may reach a point at which you're in immense discomfort trying to use your mouse or type on your keyboard. In many cases, a chiropractic adjustment of one or both wrists can ease the pain. Additionally, because chiropractors regularly advocate preventative care, your chiropractor will also give you some self-care tips that you can use to keep this pain from returning. If you have aches in other parts of your body, call your chiropractor to determine if he or she can help.