Schedule Physiotherapy For Your Child If He/She Shows These Signs

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Although you shouldn't hesitate to visit an urgent care center or see your family doctor if you suspect that your child has suffered a concussion, it's also worthwhile to consider medical care afterward. Many people visit their local physical therapy clinic for help dealing with a concussion. While there isn't a "magic pill" that will "cure" the concussion, your physical therapist will be able to work with your child to lessen some of the symptoms, as well as suggest exercises that can strengthen the body to limit the risk of future injuries of this nature. Before you can schedule this appointment, you'll need to catch the signs that your child may indeed have a concussion. Here are some.

Headaches And Vision Problems

Children can suffer concussions in a variety of ways, including during sports and as a result of falling while biking. While you might be occupied with treating your child's scraped limbs, ask if he or she is suffering from a headache or vision problems. These are common physical signs of a concussion. The child could also complain of dizziness. The headache might not come on right away, so be aware if the child has this complaint in the hours that follow the injury. Vision problems can be evident if you notice your child squinting to see.


Children can feel nauseous and throw up for a number of reasons, including flu-like bugs that are circulating at school. However, if your child complains of feeling nauseous after hitting his or her head, it's a sign that he or she may have suffered a concussion. It's a good habit to constantly check your child for nausea; you may also notice that he or she isn't eating as much as usual, which can indicate some degree of nausea. Keep in mind that the child doesn't have to actually throw up; even a mild degree of nausea can indicate a concussion.

Mental Fog

Concussion sufferers may also experience a mental fog. Your child may see forgetful, get confused midway through a sentence, or show other signs of a lack of mental acuteness. Children won't always complain about this symptom, so watch for it carefully. Statements such as "I forgot what I was saying" don't always mean a concussion, but if your child says something of this manner after a fall and you're also noticing some other potential concussion signs, it's a good idea to seek care from a physical therapist.

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