Problems Sleeping? Why It May Be Your Back

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The spinal column is a series of vertebrae, all of which are supposed to be perfectly stacked in a straight vertical line. Right through the middle of these bones is your spinal cord and your nervous system. A vertebra out of alignment directly affects the nerves in that area. If you have a lot of problems sleeping at night, it could be a problem with your back. Here is why.

Discomfort Keeps You Awake

Lots of people assume that trouble sleeping has everything to do with a bad mattress. Okay, but that does not explain the inability to sleep on a new mattress, which you personally picked out. Pain in your back, hips, shoulders and extremities keeps a lot of people awake at night, and that can be the direct effect of vertebrae out of alignment.

When your back is out of alignment, so is the rest of your body below the areas where vertebrae are not where they are supposed to be. For example, if your lumbar vertebrae have slipped out of place, you will have hips that shift and drop to one side or the other, creating a very awkward and distracting sensation when you roll over onto the affected side. You may also feel a lot of pain in that hip if the vertebrae are pinching nerves, also known as sciatica. A chiropractor can correct these issues by putting your vertebrae back in place, and thus putting your hips back in place, too.

Cervical Vertebrae out of Alignment and Falling Asleep

What you may find even more surprising is the fact that your neck vertebrae play a very important part in sleep. They protect the area of the nervous system right at the very bottom of your brain stem and the very top of the column of nerves that control sensation in your head and face and send sleep signals to your brain. If any of these seven vertebrae are out of alignment, you will frequently find it difficult to fall asleep because your brain is not getting the right signals. You may also experience weird facial sensations, which complicate your ability to relax and let yourself slumber.

Chiropractic Care and Quality Sleep

While a good mattress can help you sleep better, excellent chiropractic care is even greater still. The back and neck that is perfectly stacked and not pushing or leaning to one side can really help you get a good night's sleep. Ask your chiropractor for more information.