Ways To Keep Shoulder Pain Away After A Chiropractic Adjustment

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In addition to being a trusted ally when you have back or neck pain, your local chiropractor is also someone to whom you can turn when you have a sore shoulder. Whether you've had a sports injury, a motor vehicle accident, or even just stiffness brought on over years of a physically demanding profession, you should seek help from a chiropractor. One or more adjustments, depending on the severity of the issue, can help you to live a life without pain — but you'll need to commit to trying to keep the pain away after your appointments. Here are some ways to do so:

Change Your Sleeping Habits

One way to cause shoulder pain or reaggravate existing pain even after a chiropractor has treated you is to sleep in a bad position. Many people prefer sleeping on one side of their body, but this position can be bad if you have shoulder issues. This is especially true if your mattress is hard or otherwise doesn't provide adequate support, as the pressure on your lower shoulder can potentially push it out of its proper position. Consult your chiropractor on how you should sleep for your shoulder ailment. Generally, on your back is a good way.

Avoid Unnecessary Strain

Your shoulder can be vulnerable to movement after a chiropractic adjustment, so you'll want to avoid putting this part of your body through unnecessary strain. For example, don't head back to a physically demanding job right after your adjustment, nor go to the gym and begin to lift weights. Your chiropractor will advise you on the specific amount of time that you should devote to resting your shoulder after each adjustment, but you should always err on the side of being gentle with the shoulder.

Don't Use Your Shoulder For Rough Tasks

Many people have a habit of using their shoulders for tasks that can cause discomfort, so be cognizant of how you use this part of your body — especially after you've had a shoulder adjustment. For example, if you're walking up to a closed door in an office building, you might have the tendency to push it open with your shoulder. If the door is heavier than expected, or if it actually swings out instead of in, you may sustain a serious blow to the shoulder and worsen the injury. Changing your approach, such as using your hand to push open the door, can help to keep your shoulder safe as it heals.

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