5 Things To Expect On Your First Visit To The Chiropractor

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If you have your first visit to the chiropractor coming up soon, knowing what to expect can help make the process go smoother and can help increase your level of comfort.

#1 Review of Past Medical History & Health

The first thing that is going to happen is your chiropractor is going to go through and review your past medical history and health. Like any medical professional, your chiropractor is going to want to know about your overall health, what you are coming in for, and measures you have taken to address your health in the past as well.

Knowing your medical history will help your chiropractor make informed decisions about how to treat your conditions.

#2 Simple Physical Movement Tests

Second, your chiropractor may have you take some simple physical movement tests. These test will help your chiropractor see your range of motion and will help your chiropractor see how to treat your condition. This is a good way for your chiropractor to get a deeper understanding of your condition.

#3 X-Rays to Confirm & Diagnose

Your chiropractor may want to see your bone structure in more detail. In order to see what they are working with on a structural level, your chiropractor may request an x-ray. This is a solid way for your chiropractor to confirm there diagnose and to get a better picture of what they are working with.

#4 Creation of a Treatment Plan

After that, your chiropractor is going to come up with a treatment plan for you. They are going to let you know the type of adjustments and treatment they want to give you, how often they want to see you, and what you should expect as you go through the treatment plan.

#5 First Adjustment

Finally, if time allows, they will proceed with your first treatment and adjustment. They will walk you through everything that they are doing. The first treatment session may be a little shorter than later seasons, but your chiropractor should take their time to make sure that you are comfortable.

In your first visit to your chiropractor, plan for it to last a little longer. Your chiropractor should go over your past medical history and health and perform simple tests and potential x-rays to learn more about your condition. After that, your chiropractor will come up and discuss a treatment plan with you and start your treatment. Keep in mind that chiropractic treatment is a long-term process.