Sore During Pregnancy? A Chiropractor Could Help

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If you are currently expecting, you also experience plenty of soreness, aches and pains, and other discomforts. Some women might have terrible hip pain. Others might feel like one spot on their back is always flaring up. While not all discomfort associated with pregnancy can be relieved until you give birth, you can address some of the problems with regular chiropractic care, especially if your provider is used to working on pregnant women. There are a number of reasons why chiropractic care can help you have a better pregnancy.

Better Prepared for Birth

One reason why chiropractic care during pregnancy can help is to make sure your body is prepared for birth. Your hips and pelvis widen as your pregnancy progresses, and you may feel pain in your lower back. You might even feel like one side hurts more than the other. Not only does this pain prevent you from walking and sitting well, but it can also make it harder for your pelvis to accommodate the movement of your baby through the birth canal. With adjustment, your chiropractor can help your hips and pelvis to remain square and even so that each side is bearing equal weight.

Improved Posture Comfort

Your center of gravity changes during pregnancy. With weight gain and with your growing belly, it's harder for you to keep a neutral spine. So, you extend your spine further, and you bend more at the shoulders, creating tension in your neck and upper back. The continued poor posture can result in misalignments that keep your muscles aching even when you change positions or get a massage. Only correcting the subluxations can remove the tension. Frequent adjustments help to prevent severe structural problems that lead to pain in the back, arms, neck, and shoulders. If you have a pressure-related condition like sciatica, manipulations can help relieve the pressure on the nerve and reduce your pain, which will then improve your gait. 

More Fulfilling Sleep

Some women experience hip and shoulder pain because they have to change positions to accommodate the baby. Your belly can pull your spine out of alignment as you lay on your side, and you can have a hard time getting comfortable. When aligned, you'll have an easier time getting comfortable enough to sleep, and you'll wake up with less hip pain, especially if you have supportive pillows and a good mattress. 

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